Critical choices for success.

A group of Colombian engineers and entrepreneurs decided to develop a business idea that revolutionized the construction of homes to make it more practical and affordable.

In order to grow, you have to take the risk of entering other markets. In its compelling need to reveal its construction system, Forsa found business opportunities in Guatemala through two very important construction companies: Constructora Pegsa and Constructora Nabla, thus allowing it to make its first exports to Guatemala.

After the 1999 earthquake, the Company set a precedent that opened the doors to many housing projects in Colombia, which led to its growth and positioning on the Colombian market by demonstrating the potential and effectiveness of its industrialized construction system.

Conquering one of the most important markets in the Americas: Mexico.

FORSA took advantage of the upturn of the construction sector in Mexico and, with the support of excellent human talent and an innovative construction system, it began to gain market share, thus earning “the privilege of building Mexico.”

These projects show the great potential of Forsa and its construction solutions.

Successfully venturing into building projects to improve the hotel infrastructure enabled the Company’s growth and recognition in countries of Central America and the Caribbean.

Forsa dares to be a pioneer in one of the largest and most complex markets in the world.

Providing all the tools to make industrialized construction technically viable in a market as demanding as Brazil can only be achieved by the most successful world-class companies.

We currently have a subsidiary in Brazil, backed by excellent human talent made up of sales and management staff, technicians and operators, who ensure the provision of a Comprehensive Service.

“Because with FORSA’s Comprehensive Service, no builder is alone.”


The acquisition of new state-of-the-art equipment and the expansion of the manufacturing plant increased the Company’s production capacity with the aim of serving the high demand of the different markets in which Forsa was operating at the time.

The Company took on a challenge, represented by four of our employees, who taught us to think differently and find new alternatives in order to provide our customers with greater value through improvements in our portfolio or the development of new products, as well as the design of proposals for different business models.

Forsa’s dynamism and diversification as a Colombian multinational company allowed it to launch several products in recent years: Forsa-Plus, Climbing System, Release Agent of its own brand and safety systems that comply with the most demanding international standards.

The only companies that last over time keep pace with the trends and reinvent themselves whenever necessary; that is how this wonderful company will continue to exist for years to come.

Forsa is a company that offers comprehensive solutions through different formwork systems (falsework/molds/formwork), multidirectional scaffolding systems and special engineering solutions for the construction of buildings and infrastructure works in more than 30 countries in which we are operating.


We offer construction solutions supported by excellent service and innovation, to develop projects in less time with high profitability, founded on strong relationships with our stakeholders.


Forsa will continue to develop and provide efficient construction solutions to markets in: the Americas, Africa and Asia, through strong leadership in service and innovation.



More than 4 million homes built using FORSA's system around the world.
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