FORSA offers construction companies a safety system at heights to avoid setbacks, unnecessary risks and all types of occupational issues at the construction sites. The Forsa safety system is made up of guardrails, metal planks and walkways; the system is properly designed and manufactured in line with strict construction standards to ensure the safe movement of workers at heights.


These elements are used to delimit areas of risk at heights where the construction site staff may be working; they are 120 cm high and work as rails during the concreting process.


  • Provides 1.20 m operators with safety.
  • Lightweight, durable and easy-to-install accessory.
  • Makes assembly easy and provides operator safety.

Metal Plank:

Lightweight platform manufactured in perforated, corrugated sheet, making it lighter and slip-resistant. Its design allows its assembly with the Walkways to allow workers to transit with all their tools around the building.

Aligner scaffold:

External walkway installed on molds as a platform for safe and comfortable movement, for the installation of elements at heights, such as caps, butts and slab borders and to enable the concreting process around the system perimeter. It is used on molds that are more than 210 cm high and cap and butt additions greater than 60 cm.

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